The party with 3dsexplanet has concluded an agreement.
3dsexplanet services :
The services provided or tasks performed by 3dsexplanet behalf of the client .
Agreement :
The agreement between 3dsexplanet and a customer on the basis of which 3dsexplanet services to the client
carried out .
technical definitions
account :
The combination of login name and password that the client can access the systems 3dsexplanet .
E - mail :
A personalized address of the client code , for the exchange of electronic messages through the Internet .
Homepage :
An Internet Page issued in the name of the client or a title and home page of a website on the Internet .
hosting :
Placing files that a website form on one or more Internet hosts . These files are subsequently ®
available to Internet users.
Worldwide network of computers that can exchange information.
Login procedure:
The procedure prescribed by 3dsexplanet in order to enable them to gain access to the client
systems 3dsexplanet .
Netiquette :
The generally accepted rules of conduct on the Internet as defined in RFC 1855 (
future adaptations.
system :
Computer and related equipment which the customer can obtain . Accessing systems 3dsexplanet
One or more embedded web pages, preceded by a home .
1. 1
The general conditions apply to every offer and agreement between 3dsexplanet and the client , to the extent
deviated . parties have not explicitly deviated from these conditions in writing
1. 2
Once the application has been agreed to the terms of 3dsexplanet , then the parties
these conditions also apply to all future contracts between the parties .
1. 3
3dsexplanet is at all times entitled to change these general conditions. Changes will be one month from publication
force . If the client does not agree to the changes , the client can lead to the effective date
the changes are objections to express . If the client does not agree to the changes remain
original terms and conditions in effect unless 3dsexplanet agree to terminate the contract .
ART . 2 : OBLIGATIONS 3dsexplanet
2. 1
3dsexplanet will endeavor to modify its systems 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to set up and running to
hold . If the systems , for any reason whatsoever , temporarily not functioning , then 3dsexplanet will endeavor to
to function. as soon as possible its systems
2. 2
It is 3dsexplanet allowed to take to protect the software technical measures. If 3dsexplanet
by means of technical protection has secured the software , the client is not permitted this
to remove or evade .
3. 1
The Client shall refrain from actions that could damage the systems 3dsexplanet and start no
processes or programs on the computers of 3dsexplanet which the client may reasonably suspect that this
other Internet users obstructs or systems 3dsexplanet compromises .
3. 2
Damage to 3dsexplanet or third parties caused by the act in conflict with the client resting
obligation can be recovered . against the client
3. 3
Changes to the data of the client must notify the principal in writing directly to 3dsexplanet . If the
client does not do this , the client is liable for any damage 3dsexplanet suffer as a consequence .
3. 4
3dsexplanet reserves the right connection provided for the client to use 3dsexplanet
systems shut down , when the client is acting in breach of its obligations under Art. use 3.2
these terms and conditions. This until the client has fulfilled his obligations.
3. 5
An account is given to a natural or legal person . The client is not permitted third parties
to make his account and / or arising from the contract rights. If 3dsexplanet notes
that several people are using the same username and the same password to access the system simultaneously
of 3dsexplanet have purchased far 3dsexplanet reserves the right against taking measures.
3. 6
Except where 3dsexplanet here has given explicit written permission , the client
allowed his account and / or to rent out the agreement to sell rights arising to third parties or
transferred. otherwise

4. 1
To be delivered by 3dsexplanet in its design or delivered as design drawings , models ,
working and detail drawings, data carriers, computer software , data files, photographs , and similar
production and devices , nor one to the essence of the design belonging portion thereof , may also
no copyright or other legal protection for 3dsexplanet if or to the extent that the design for this
exists , be reproduced . without the written consent in the context of any production
5 . 1
All products manufactured by 3dsexplanet issues such means of production , semi-finished products and tools , in particular
design drawings , models, working and detail drawings, data carriers, computer software , databases ,
source codes , photographs, films, micro and macro settings and peripherals , remain the property of 3dsexplanet .
6. 1
3dsexplanet is not liable for damages suffered by the client as a result of force majeure or damage caused
maintenance of networks and systems .
6. 2
3dsexplanet is not liable for damages that the client has suffered due to a shortcoming in the
fulfillment of the contract , unless the failure is based on intent or gross 3dsexplanet attributed
debt .
6. 3
3dsexplanet is not liable for damages suffered by the client caused by acts of third parties.
7. 1
All prices include sales tax (VAT ) and other taxes which are imposed by the government .

8. 1
The agreement is valid for the period specified in the agreement. After this period, the
not renewed contract .
8. 2
If it appears that the client has given false and / or incorrect personal data or that it appears that the
Principal has failed to provide correct information or that the client under the contract
false pretenses , 3dsexplanet is entitled to suspend the contract or, if the severity of the
case justifies it, to terminate the agreement. immediately During the period of the suspension remains
subscription fee .
9. 1
Shortcomings of 3dsexplanet in the fulfillment of the agreement can not be attributed to her if she
not attributable to its fault , nor under the law , the agreement or according to generally accepted standards
9. 2
Shortcomings of 3dsexplanet in the fulfillment of the agreement as a result of war , mobilization,
flooding , closed shipping , other obstructions in transport , stagnation or reduction or discontinuation of
the provision by public utilities , disruptions in the Internet, disruptions in telecommunication infrastructure of any
operator and faults in networks , fire , breakdown of machinery and other accidents , strikes , lockouts , actions of trade unions ,
export restrictions, other government measures , non - delivery of necessary materials and semi -finished products by
third parties , willful misconduct or gross negligence of assistants and other similar circumstances , be regarded as not
3dsexplanet attributable and give the client the right to dissolve the agreement or
10. 1
3dsexplanet is entitled to set the system ( temporarily) without prior publication or use
to restrict as far as this is necessary for the necessary maintenance or for it to be carried out by 3dsexplanet
modifications or improvements to the system , without this right to compensation arises from the client
towards 3dsexplanet .
10. 2
3dsexplanet is entitled to make the dial-in numbers , the login procedure in the account at any time and changes
in the e - mail addresses , without being entitled to any compensation by the client against 3dsexplanet arises .
3dsexplanet will in such a case the client informed as soon as possible of any changes .
Any agreement between the client and 3dsexplanet Dutch law. Parties shall designate the
Eindhoven court as competent court .
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please holding deposit to us via .
Sincerely ,

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